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Do you feel like your hair needs some love and attention? Olaplex repairs, protects, strengthens.

What is Olaplex?

Lots of hair care claims to be the ‘miracle treatment’ these days, but Olaplex is the real deal. A groundbreaking reconstructive treatment, Olaplex products (which include, shampoo, conditioner, bonding oil and more) repair all types of damaged hair.
At Charlie Brown Hair in Banstead and Reigate, we offer the Olaplex Reconstructive Treatment in salon. It is an amazing way to repair, strengthen and protect your hair from whatever kind of damage it may have incurred.

Olaplex began in sunny California in 2014, but its groundbreaking formula has gained a devoted following in professional salons and homes around the world. Their patented technology has revolutionised hair care and is continuously changing what is possible for hair.

But what makes Olaplex so special?

We love Olaplex because:
• Olaplex repairs all types of damaged hair.
• Olaplex works to repair broken bonds
• Olaplex is made to work on every hair type

Olaplex formulas are based around a single patented ingredient called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Apart from being a bit of a mouthful this ingredient restores damaged bonds in the hair from the inside out, unlike other products that work from the outside in. The structure of our hair is made up of millions of disulfide bonds and when these are broken by thongs like heat or harsh chemicals, then our hair becomes damaged. Olaplex targets these damaged disulfide bonds to not only soothe but heal them, offering a long term solution.

Olaplex products do not require a lot of downtime to do their magic, making them the perfect restorative treats to incorporate into your regular hair routine for healthy and luscious locks.

Looking After Damaged Hair

Damaged hair happens for a variety of reasons, some more surprising than others:

  • Heat damage from regular straightening, curling and hair drying
  • Chemical damage from dyes or perming
  • Breakage from day-to-day movement and brushing
  • Pollution

Olaplex Reconstructive Treatment At Charlie Brown Hair Salons

If you want to give your hair a treat then add an Olaplex Reconstructive Treatment onto your cut or colour service at our Banstead or Reigate Salons. This is a two part treatment that can be used during a colour treatment or on its own. And you don’t have to worry about wait times, adding an Olaplex Reconstructive Treatment to your visit only adds 15 minutes. Chat to our team about which Olaplex treatment is best for your hair, and take home a bottle to keep up the good work.

Book your reconstructive Olaplex appointment today – once you try it you won’t look back!

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