Perm Treatments In Banstead & Reigate, Surrey

Heard about the modern perm? Wondering where to get a perm near you? At Charlie Brown our team of specialist stylists are here to help you fulfil your curly hair fantasies. From beachy waves to bouncy curls, we can fix you up with the perm hair you’ve been dreaming of. 

Perms are back in, and they’re better than they ever have been. Our specialists at Charlie Brown Hair in our Banstead and Reigate salons will make sure you achieve your perfect perm.

Forget about the dry, damaged, bushy perm of the eighties. The modern perm has so much more to offer, from loose waves to perfect ringlets. These are moisture rich, and will look like effortless natural curls, adding body, volume and movement to your hair for up to 6 months. With this style making a comeback, it still requires a specialist touch. So contact us to discuss your options if you’re looking to boost your hair with a perm.

How it works & what to expect

There are lots of different ways to perm your hair. So, whether you’re looking for loose waves with a bit more volume than usual, or the tighter more traditional perm curls, then ask your stylist and they can talk you through it. A perm works by creating a chemical alteration in the hair, which is then set into curls. The chemical solution works by penetrating the hair’s inner cortex layer and breaking the hydrogen bonds, wrapping around the perm rod to tell the hair that it is now curly. New disulfide bonds form which then locks the hair into the shape of the curls. The smaller the rod the tighter the curl. Your stylist might alternate with different sized rods, to create varied, natural looking curls.

As usual at Charlie Brown, your perm appointment will start with a friendly consultation with your stylist to determine what it is exactly you want and how that will fit with your lifestyle and routine. Your hair will then be cleansed using luxury products prescribed just for you. Depending on whether you would like a haircut & finish incorporated into your appointment or not, we will then get to work wrapping your hair and placing the rods in the right formation for the style and shape that you are looking for. Once your hair has been set, the solution will be washed out and a neutraliser applied to your hair to halt the process. Your hair will then be styled and finished with premium, natural products, according to your desired look.

Please note perms are not advised when pregnant or during a period of hormone fluctuation i.e. puberty & some medications can also reduce the chances of the perm taking. Please check with your stylist if you think you may be affected.

Men’s Perm

Boy meets Curl with perms making a big comeback, and they’re not just for the ladies. The versatility and variation in perms makes them a hairstyle for all genders. Gentle waves and permed ringlets have been making a comeback for men too and we love it! Be inspired by the luscious locks of icons like Harry Styles or Kit Harrington and book an appointment to embrace adding volume and texture in your hair.

Man With Curly Hair
woman with curly hair covering face

Women’s Perm

Short, mid, or long hair. Tight curls, loose curls, or waves. Perms are an amazing way to boost volume and change up your style, whilst only committing for a few months. With permed hair, you are able to achieve a natural look which simply is not possible with a curling iron.

Types of Perms

Short hair perm

A short hair perm works really well on any gender. You’ll leave the salon with a bounce in your step, and in your hair! Hair generally needs to be at least two inches for this service, in order to be able to wrap around the perm rod and set into decent curls.

Long hair perm

Often perms for long hair are less about cascades of ringlets and thick curls and more about bringing volume and life to the lengths of the hair. However, we can do both! Chat to our team of specialist stylists, to discover what will suit your hair and lifestyle best. Part head perms are also available when the full perm grows out or on shorter styles which only require part head coverage.

Spiral perm

A short hair perm works really well on any gender. You’ll leave the salon with a bounce in your step, and in your hair! Hair generally needs to be at least two inches for this service, in order to be able to wrap around the perm rod and set into decent curls.

Straight Brunette Hair

Hair Smoothing Treatment

Our Nanokeratin treatment smooths and repairs damaged, unruly and frizzy hair. Results can last up to three months. The Nanokeratin treatment improves hair elasticity and locks in shine and locks out humidity. Perfect for dry or damaged hair, you’ll leave the salon with perfectly-swishable, soft, shiny hair. Sometimes called the Brazilian Blowdry, these treatments help the hair resist damp & humid conditions & makes styling much easier.

A Sulphate free shampoo is essential after this treatment, our stylists can recommend a variety to choose from.

Speak to your stylist to find out whether a smoothing treatment could be right for you.

Full Treatment List

Partial Hair Perm £90

Currently a male trend with the top permed & the underneath cut short.

Part head perms also serve to refresh a full head perm after a few months of growth. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Medium / Long Hair Perm £110
Long / Spiral £125

See above – your long hair curled or waved to add volume. This treatment will soften but last until cut out, refresh using partial head perms. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Nano Keratin Smoothing Treatment £175-£260

Our special Nano Keratin smoothing treatment smoothes, softens, helps resist moisture & frizzy hair.


Treatment Time

A perm is a semi permanent hairstyle that chemically sets waves or curls into the hair. Adding volume and texture to even the limpest of barnets, a perm is a great, low maintenance style.

As a general rule, perms tend to last three to six months. Your curls or waves will be at their most extreme when you leave the salon, and will ease out gently wash by wash over the coming months.

At Charlie Brown a perm costs from £45 ( for partial perms or shorter styles), up to £65 (for longer hair). This service will include a wash and finish. If you’d like a trim or style change with your perm, please consult our haircut & finish service page. 

Be prepared to put aside about 2 hours for your perm to be completed. Your hair will need to be assessed and washed by your stylist when you arrive at the salon. They will then need to place the curlers or rods in your hair before applying the chemical treatment and letting it sit for around 20 minutes. After letting the perming lotion sit, the stylist will rinse it out before using a neutraliser to halt the process. Finally your hair will be styled to your desired finish. This means the process can vary in time depending on the length of your hair, and the type of perm you are looking to achieve.

We generally do not recommend that you perm bleached hair, due to the risk of damaging already chemically treated hair. However, every individual is different. If you have colour treated hair which you wish to perm, you are welcome to come to our salon for a chat with one of our highly knowledgeable team. The possibility of us treating your hair with a perm will depend on how recently it has been bleached.  

Got a perm that you’re unhappy with? You can always come visit our salon to fix at home hair disasters. However, perms can be tricky to reverse, and ideally you should wait a minimum of two weeks before taking any action. Talk to one of our team for advice. Our smoothing Nanokeratin treatment softens and repairs unruly or frizzy hair and can last up to three months, while our Olaplex treatment will help repair damaged hair from the inside out. A coconut oil hair mask at home, left for a couple of hours under a shower cap can help loosen perm induced curls, and don’t forget that you can always pick up the trusty hair straighteners (just don’t forget to use heat protection!).

Whether a perm will damage your hair or not can vary a lot depending on the existing condition of your hair. Perms will dry your hair out to some degree, but don’t worry, that is easy to combat! Use deep-conditioning hair masks to replace any lost moisture on a monthly basis, and you could even try protein treatments if your hair is really struggling. Make sure to incorporate a leave-in conditioner into your routine, to protect the hair and define curls without weighing it down.