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It’s a Hair Journey always at Charlie Brown Hair!

Sometimes you just want to feel brighter and that doesn’t mean going really blonde.

This lovely guests hair by Lewis is a great example of adding richer, softer, golden & caramel tones, without overpowering and loosing her already gorgeous brunette tones.

As a hairdresser I always look forward to the next season ahead and bear in mind any changes that we can make for my guest.

For example just imagine the end of summer with a soft glow of a fading suntan and warm copper tones instead of the blonde running through her hair.

But it doesn’t have to stop there, the season after into the winter months maybe a cooler, darker brown depending on the mood and the moment of trends for that period.

Why should we stay just one Colour? Change it up! COVID-19 has really made people braver with their hair, it’s definitely empowered us.

Last week at Banstead I had the most amazing consultation with let’s just say a much older Guest who had never been to us before. What was she after? Pink Highlights, yes that’s right!

If you’re thinking of a change we are here to help you every step of the way on your hair journey. Call us today!

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