Hair Extensions in Banstead & Reigate, Surrey

Hair extensions offer the ultimate confidence boost whether you are after long, luscious locks for everyday wear or preparing for a special event or night out. If you are looking for a salon for hair extensions near you, then we’ve got you covered at Charlie Brown Hair in Banstead and Reigate.

Hair extensions add length to your hair, but they also increase volume and can be played around with to mix up your hairstyle without having to commit to a dye or dramatic cut! Use extensions to add a pop of colour or to lighten up blonde hair for example – whatever is going to boost your confidence. Have a chat with your stylist and get creative together.

Our specialists will be happy to guide you through your journey whether you are new to hair extensions, or an old-timer.

How it Works & What to Expect

As with every service at Charlie Brown, your hair extension appointment will start with a consultation with your stylist. Your consultation is a complimentary appointment but does need to be booked with the correct stylist so be sure to let us know that you are looking to get hair extensions when you make your booking. Ask for Lewis or Emily in Reigate, and Abi in Banstead.

When you meet for your consultation, your hair specialist will use this time to get to know you, your lifestyle and most importantly your hair. You’ll be able to discuss the look you’d like to achieve, and your stylist will help you decide which type of hair extensions are right for you. We’ll also use this time to estimate the time it will take to apply your extensions, and provide you with an estimated cost.

After that, we’ll book in your extensions appointment and you can relax while our specialists get to work performing their magic. Prepare to leave the salon with a swish!

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Beaded weft extensions mean no glue, heat or chemicals, your hair and the follicles are not damaged. The microbeads we use at Charlie Brown are durable and made of a lightweight silicone lining that minimises the weight on the follicle, causing the least amount of damage and stress to your hair and scalp.

Beaded weft extension application is a relatively comfortable experience and the extensions themselves can last a long time – even up to a year. However, you will need to return to the salon every 4-12 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows to have the beads moved upwards.

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions work well in most hair types from thick to fine hair and everything in between. However, they are sometimes better for clients with finer hair as they sit flatter to the scalp. Tape hair extensions involve taping a weft of hair into the base of your natural locks.

You’ll be able to feel your tape hair extensions for the first couple of days that you wear them, but they soon become comfortable and you’ll forget they are even there. Your stylist will transform your hair to truly bring you the most glamorous of finishes. Offering a longer-term application than many alternative hair extensions, you’ll be amazed by the results.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

If you’ve been dreaming of hair extensions that won’t damage your hair, then look no further than our Micro Ring Extensions. Promising no glue, no heat and no braid, it’s no wonder why these revolutionary extensions are favoured by celebrities. With micro rings, we place the extension strands into your hairline, with colour coded micro rings to match the colour of your hair.

Micro ring extensions aren’t only damage-free – they also promise to last a lot longer than alternative hair extension options. It all depends on how fast your hair grows, chat to your stylist if you are unsure.

Please contact us for full details on all of our hair extension options at our salons in Banstead and Reigate. Head to our blog to read more about the other advantages of Hair Extensions from our expert Lewis.

Full Treatment List: From £100 Per Hour

Micro Ring

Micro ring extensions with no glue, heat or braiding.


Treatment Time

Beaded Weft

Beaded weft extensions with no glue, heat or chemicals involved, secured to the hair with beads.


Treatment Time


Extensions attached by tapes, lying flat against the head.


Treatment Time

Hair Extension FAQs

One of our favourite styles Charlie Brown Hair are beaded weft extensions – but what exactly are they? Beaded weft extensions are created with hair which is sewn onto a horizontal strip, or ‘weft’. Your hairstylist will then carefully attach these wefts into the natural hair by fastening very small pieces of the extension’s strands with small sections of your natural hair and securing it with a bead at the roots. Hence the name beaded weft!

Hair extensions tend to last 8-12 weeks. However, this number of weeks can vary and depends on what type of extensions you are wearing and how fast your hair grows. How well you look after your extensions is also important, as they do require some care and attention. Different kinds of extensions also last different amounts of time and require varying levels of upkeep. We recommend popping in for a maintenance appointment every 4-12 weeks (it varies from person to person) to keep your hair in tip-top condition, and to resecure or move beads!

Micro ring extensions do not require heat, glue, or braiding meaning they do not leave your hair and scalp damaged after wear.

At Charlie Brown Hair we charge £100 per hour for the application of your extensions, which excludes the cost of the extensions themselves. The duration of your appointment will be estimated during your consultation with your stylist, which is complimentary.