Nanokeratin or Brazilian Blow Dry Smoothing Treatment Results

Meet Nanokeratin System: Smoothing Treatment Technology

If you are curious about a smoothing nanokeratin treatment, or Brazilian Blow Dry service, then this page is for you. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know about the Nanokeratin System treatment, including how it works, what to expect, and of course, the results.

Founded in 1985 by premium hairstylist and hair innovator Amir Segev, Nanokeratin Systems are designed to replenish and repair damaged hair, locking out humidity and locking in new elasticity and shine. Always driven by innovation and backed by science, Nanokeratin smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair, whilst offering lasting smoothness and shine. It is an advanced in-salon remedy that uses biomimetic technology to heal the hair from the inside.

Nanokeratin smoothing systems are suitable for all hair types. For most hair, it offers immediate results, that last up to 12 weeks and makes styling and managing your hair easier than ever during that time. A lot of people expect smoothing treatments to be full of harsh chemicals that might damage and dry out your hair. This is not the case with Nanokeratin Systems which promote luscious locks by healing each hair from the inside out and sealing in nutrients.

Benefits Of Nanokeratin System Smoothing:

  • Heals & Restores Damaged Hair
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Increases Smoothness & Shine
  • Enhances & Locks In Colour, Minimising Fading
  • Results Last Up To 12 Weeks
  • Makes Styling Effortless

How does Nanokeratin Smoothing System work?

Nanokeratin System’s complete smoothing treatment is a four-step process. At each stage, the biomimetic technology is working in a different way to help heal and rejuvenate your hair.

We begin the Nanokeratin System process by applying the smoothing cream to your hair. This cream contains particles that penetrate the hair structure, changing the molecular structure of the cystines in your hair and creating a new, straight formation. The cystines are positioned in this new formation and coated with a composition of innovative components, specially designed to be embedded in the hair structure.

Once the smoothing cream has worked its magic, we’ll rinse and blow dry your hair.

Next, we need to lock in the new straight formation. Using straighteners, the hair is heated and smoothed. This heating process enhances the connections between the molecules at the core of the hair structure, stabilizing the new straight formation of the cystines. The internal structure of your hair is enhanced and stabilised, creating a solid inner layer that seals the natural nourishing nutrients inside the hair fibre. The particles outside of the hair fibre are also expanded and stabilized, creating an external coating and closing the cuticle layer.

The final step involves using a cold air blow dryer to shrink the hair fibres and stabilize the straight formation. After a short pause for the temperature to balance, you are ready to step out of the salon with perfectly sleek, new hair!

So, if you are sick of trying to tame frizz or feel your hair is in need of some deep, intensive repair, a Smoothing Treatment with Nanokeratin (also known as a Brazilian Blow Dry) might be the right choice for you. If you aren’t 100% sure yet, you can always book an initial consultation at your local Charlie Brown Hair salon. Our expert stylists will provide a one-to-one chat to talk you through your options and figure out the exact formula your hair needs. Choose from Banstead or Reigate, and book your appointment today.

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