Hair Colouring in Banstead & Reigate, Surrey

As leading hair colour experts we know colouring hair can completely transform the look of any hairstyle and breathe new life into a current look. Whether you’re looking to touch up your balayage or make a bold statement with a bright new colour, our specialists at Charlie Brown Hair in our Banstead and Reigate salons will make sure you achieve your perfect look.

If you’re feeling a bit wary about colouring your hair, then semi permanents are a great way to start. Semi permanents are wonderful for balancing root to end fade, enhancing existing tones or blending away your first greys with minimal commitment or effect on condition. Once you’d like to be more adventurous, or for multi-tonal colouring our very own best selling service ‘flying colours’ is a foil intro, and a bespoke placing of a small amount of foils which we still believe to be the best material for use with an off the scalp application.

A thorough consultation as well as aftercare hair care advice is given with every colour treatment (you can book this prior to your visit if you prefer). Award-winning luxury treatments are available to enhance the colouring process & add longevity to your investment. We use and recommend products from Pureology and Kerastase Paris to care for coloured hair. Your stylist will give you a personalised suggestion in the salon.

Hair colour services must be accompanied by a cut and finish or colour blow dry. Extremes of length or thickness may require a time/product surcharge.

Skin tests are mandatory 48hrs before a colour service for new clients, this can be booked online along with a consultation or pop in if you just need the test.

How it Works & What to Expect

As with all our services, your hair colouring appointment will start with a consultation conversation with your stylist that helps us deliver you the perfect service. Depending on your hair type (thickness, length, and colour) and the service you require, hair colouring appointments can take from 2 – 2 ½ hours from start to finish. While we get to work transforming your hair you can relax in our beautiful, friendly salon spaces and enjoy your time as we look after you. Hair colouring services are also always accompanied by a haircut & finish, so you can really get the best out of your new colour. Before you leave we’ll provide you with aftercare advice and styling tips so you can keep your style and colour perfectly maintained.

Balayage Hair

Balayage is the current No1 trend created in France. The word ‘Balayage’ literally means ‘to sweep’ or to ‘paint’, describing the professional gestures to achieve this iconic sun kissed effect on the hair. If your hair is light brown, or was once naturally blonde and has darkened over the years, balayage can create a naturally lightened effect for your hair.

Balayage doesn’t have to only apply to a natural sun kissed look either. For example, if you wanted a silver or grey toned blonde, but did not necessarily want it applied as a block tone, using balayage as a technique can give your hair colour fluidity and variation.

Long Hair With Balayage
Flying Colours Hair Dye By Charlie Brown

Flying Colours

Flying Colours is one of our best selling services which involves a bespoke placing of foils, around the head and away from the scalp. It’s the perfect intro to foils. The effect can be subtle or bold and is always gorgeous. Flying colours can be used to break up block colours like semi permanents & traditional tints being used for grey coverage & give them a new lease of life or on natural hair when a full head/ half head foils are not desired.

Full Head Foils & Half Head Foils

A full head of foils will achieve a fully highlighted look and will be necessary if you have longer hair. The foils for a full head treatment will be spread over the whole of the head. For a half head treatment they will just be placed over the top, temple to crown and the sides to cover up any regrowth where the hair is most visible. Usually a full head and a half head treatment is alternated. If your hair is very short (a bob or shorter) then a half head or ¾ head of foils may be enough.

Full Head of Foils Bleach Blonde Hair
Olaplex Hair Perfector Treatment

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex technology began with humble origins in a California garage in 2014, but since then it has taken the salon-standard hair care world by storm. At Charlie Brown Hair, we are proud to offer the amazing results that Olaplex achieves. Olaplex strengthens your hair and counters chemical processes.

So, how does it work?

Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds, which lend our hair its strength, structure and stability. When those bonds are broken, then our hair gets damaged. Until Olaplex many hair treatments looked to soothe damaged hair from the outside – minimising damage but not necessarily healing for the long term. Olaplex products use a single patented ingredient (Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, if you were wondering) to restore damaged bonds within the hair from the inside out.

Olaplex is a two part treatment that can be used during a colour service or on it’s own. As a stand alone treatment it would add just 15 minutes to your appointment. Best of all, the treatment takes no extra time at all when having a colour service as part one can be mixed in with the colourant.

Kerastase Fusio Dose Treatments

Fusio-Dose treatments combine a concentre with a booster to personalise the treatment to your unique hair needs. Based on your needs, your hairstylist will create a customised mix from 20 possible combinations to instantly transform your hair. Your main concern is tackled by the concentré while your secondary concern is tackled by the booster. These treatments are virtually instant and give amazing finishing results when used alone or alongside the Olaplex treatment.

Full Treatment List

Balayage £131 – £164

Sun-kissed and naturally blended, book a balayage for a look that is subtle but stunning. See our run down on Balayage Hair for more details. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Flying Colours £89 – £120

Our very own partial foil treatment, a best seller and great intro to colour. Speak to your stylist or contact our team to learn more. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Flying Colours & Semi/Tint £134 – £175

Our scattered foil treatment with either a semi permanent or permanent colour in between to give full coverage but with multi dimensional tones. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Half Head Foils £110 – £140

Half head virgin or regrowth application of high or lowlights. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Half Head Foil & Semi/Tint £155 – £195

A Half Head of Foils with Semi/Tint in between is perfect for full coverage or increased contrast to highlights (or for alternating with a Full Head of Foils and Semi/Tint). Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Full Head Foils £131 – £164

For a full head of highlights, virgin or regrowth application or high or lowlights. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Full Head Foil & Semi/Tint £176 – £219

A Full Head of Foils with Semi/Tint in between is perfect for full coverage or increased contrast to highlights (or for alternating with a 1/2 head of foils and semi/tint) for those with longer hair. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Regrowth Tint/Semi £80 – £90

For covering and re-colouring or lightening regrowth at your roots. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Full Head & Extended Regrowth Tint/Bleach/Semi – £80 – £104

If you want to switch up your colour with a permanent tint, or you’d like to go fully blonde, book a full head tint or bleach service. Blow dry included.


Treatment Time

Colour Blow-Dry £38

A reduced cost blow-dry for when you just need your hair coloured and not cut.

This service is included in the above colour services prices shown.


Treatment Time

Olaplex / K18 Colour Service Upgrade £35

Upgrade your colour treatment with a Olaplex or K18 Colour Service Upgrade.


Treatment Time

Allergy Alert Testing (AAT) has now become a Government requirement on us every 6 months, unless a regular colour has not been performed within the last 6 months. We are also skin testing following vaccines as we have found they have made many clients more sensitive to colour. Don’t worry, if you do have a reaction, we have been able to find a solution for many of our clients by retesting using other brands and products.

There’s not really a right or wrong answer here. As always, we recommend discussing your choices with your stylist during your consultation. Our specialist team will be able to offer you expert advice and help you to weigh up your options taking into account your skin tone, colour of hair & the colours you like to wear.

It is not advised that you colour your hair during the first trimester of your pregnancy. If you are in your second or third trimester and would like to have your hair dyed then contact our team to discuss what could be suitable and work best for you. Of course foil techniques keep the colour away from the skin far more than other methods.

The word balayage comes from the French word “balayer” – to sweep. And, as the name suggests, balayage is basically a technique that involves your hair stylist sweeping the colour onto your hair without using foils. This sweeping method achieves a result which appears more subtle and naturally blended than regular highlights done with foils. The balayage technique is usually applied to achieve a beautiful blonde ombre effect that gently blends towards the roots, although it can be pulled off in several different ways. Talk to your stylist about the look you’d like.

The hype around Olaplex products isn’t all for nothing. If your hair is feeling a bit frazzled, dry, or in any way damaged, you’ll be thrilled by Olaplex’s reviving powers.

If you regularly visit the salon to have your hair coloured or lightened, then speak to your stylist about how Olaplex and Smartbond treatments could help your hair feel healthy and strong again. Our Olaplex Colour Service Upgrade only costs £35 so you can add it to your hair colouring appointment to keep your locks as shiny and healthy as ever.