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There is more to Extensions than just Adding Length

Everyone knows that hair extensions are great for volume and adding extra length but what else can they be used for?

My names Lewis, I’m the in house Hair Extension Specialist at our Reigate salon. In this post I’m going to highlight the reasons to consider hair extensions and how you may benefit from more than just adding length.

Experiment with Colour

They create a lot of volume and can add extra length, but did you also know that it’s an excellent way to experiment with different colours without damaging your hair. Hair extensions are a great way to play around with new colours as you can change them so frequently.

Boost your Confidence

I love using extensions for filling in gaps where the hair may be slightly thinner or to thicken certain areas to make a particular cut really stand out.

How about achieving those #hairgoals you’ve been dreaming of for such a long time for your wedding day or even for a big night out? Hair extensions are the perfect way to achieve these styles.

My Hair Extension Advice…

Although I love transforming people with extensions, one thing I will say is that they do need regular maintenance appointments (anywhere between 8-12 weeks apart) depending how well you look after them. Hair extensions, just like natural hair, need lots of TLC and would need the right products to maintain their health and lifespan. Any Hair Extension Specialist would be more than happy to take you through the do’s and don’ts and how to look after them properly.

Any enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me, I’m always happy to offer advice on Hair extensions. Find out more about our hair extension service and contact is today for your bespoke price.

Lewis Matthews
Hair Extension Specialist @ Reigate

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